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Anonymous asked:

It sounds like he doesn't value your needs. :( you are so great u deserve to be celebrated.

Thanks :) I really appreciate it, it means a lot to hear that.

This is Peachy, my partner’s peach-faced lovebird. She doesn’t like to bathe in her cage, but loves when cups and bowls are full of water. She also loves to place everything in her water dish, dance to the Mario Bros theme, play with toilet paper tubes and get into loud conversations at night. No worries, the laptop was fine. 

Please Help Me Out?

My partner of 3 years doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’m fine with the reasoning, but I feel very left out. He doesn’t have to do anything over-the-top. I’m fine with a single flower or a day on the town, but he doesn’t seem to care.

I buy him flowers all the time, providing I can. I buy myself flowers because he doesn’t. I feel like shit and I hate when I do this, but he’s not getting it even when I tell him exactly what I want.

What do I do?

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